bob benzen convservative mp endorsement of vance bertram for ward 11


We Need Vance Bertram on City Council


Calgary has been suffering for far too long—we have empty office towers, less opportunity for our children and grandchildren, and a city government that is stifling business investment and opportunity.

Vance Bertram has the right conservative values that we need brought to city council. I know Vance is a hard worker and will fight for our interests at city hall. As the father of three young kids, Vance is making a tremendous sacrifice for public service—but he is doing it for the right reasons.

With current councillor Jeromy Farkas running for mayor, Ward 11 needs a strong replacement that will champion a better future for Calgary. I am proud to support Vance Bertram for Ward 11, and I encourage you to do so as well.

Bob Benzen

Conservative Member of Parliament for Calgary Heritage