Spending & Transparency

  • City councillors should have a 10% wage reduction as a symbolic gesture to cut costs while Calgary struggles through years of recession, slow growth, and pandemic disruptions.
  • Find cost savings at city hall so we do not have to keep increasing taxes every year.
  • Public employees should not be getting wage increases when local Calgarians are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Eliminate the “second pension” for Calgary’s Mayor.
  • Scrap city council’s transition allowance—all councillors know when their term begins and ends when they seek election to office and can plan accordingly.
  • All city council votes should be easy to find on the City of Calgary website. A clear description of the motion being voted on and the vote of each councillor is not much to ask. Instead, the city currently obfuscates votes by making them hard to find and by referencing bylaw numbers without stating what the bylaw is for.


Term Limits

  • Term limits would ensure fresh ideas and approaches on city council. Right now, it is not uncommon for councillors to serve over 20 years. I support a term limit set at 2 or 3 terms to ensure council isn’t filled with career politicians.



  • Snow removal should be done in a timely matter and side streets should be plowed after major snowfalls. More local contractors should be utilized to ensure a timely response to major snowstorms. 
  • Push for LRT line to Calgary airport as requested by many Calgarians
  • Engage more private contractors for around-the-clock road maintenance to ensure it get completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Emergency Services 

  • Continue funding emergency services but with more emphasis on resources to better educate the public and curb reactionary responses to issues that could be prevented through early preventive measures. 
  • Take action to divert troubled youth away from a life of crime before even reaching the level of police intervention. Estimated savings on early intervention of an at-risk youth before they end up being career criminals is between 1.3 to 2.3 million depending on crimes committed.


Local Business

  • The city currently overtaxes local businesses, often causing them to fail or lay off employees. At the same time, the city uses taxpayer funds to encourage start-ups and out-of-town businesses to relocate to Calgary. This has to stop—city council should be making it easier for established local businesses to thrive, rather than subsidizing their new competitors.
  • A favourable business tax and regulatory scheme will attract more investment and spur more hiring in Calgary than any bureaucrat-managed subsidy program.
  • Prioritize business permit applications, as well as building and development permit applications, so that businesses can invest money sooner.